In contemporary social and political debates, there seems to be a confusion on the relationship between Islamophobia and racism. It is often held that the discrimination against Muslims is religiously founded, while the discrimination against people of colour is racially motivated.

But, what have our major modern philosophers such as John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Georg Hegel thought about the relationship(s) between race and religion? And as a consequence, how have these modern philosophers’ thoughts on the relationship between race and religion impacted on contemporary western philosophers’ capacity to critically think about the relationship(s) between race and religion in the formations of what is considered Western or European?

In this talk, Josias Tembo comments on the entangled conceptions of race and religion in modern western philosophy through the idea(s) of reason or rationality.

Speaker: Josias Tembo
Interviewer: Lema Salah
Columnist:  Lev Avitan

Josias Tembo is a PhD researcher at the department of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the Radboud University. He works on the Race-Religion Constellation Research Project.

Lema Salah is a PhD researcher at the Nijmegen School of Management. She is an expert on the topics gender and conflict.

Lev Avitan is a philosopher and spoken word artist. He was the former campus poet of the Radboud University.